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  Good Night Oregon
  Plain-Nosed Bats
  Dowdle Doodles National Parks
  The Late Great Mt. Mazama
  Oregon Caves - Park Smarts for Kids
  John Muir America's First Environmentalist
  Bats Our Wild World
  Extreme Rocks and Minerals Q&A
  National Geographic Kids- Everything Rocks and Minerals
  Moonlight Animals
  Meet Us at the National Parks
  Little Red Bat
  61 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book
  Bat Loves the Night
  Caves and Caverns
  Funny Fill-In: My National Park Adventure
  Hello, National Parks!
  NatGeo Kids: National Parks Guide USA
  National Geographic Kids- Bats
  Zip, Zap, Zooming Bats
  Junior Ranger Activity Book
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  Over in the Forest
  Flipbook Collection
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  If You Were a Bear

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